Roofers in Wigan

You guys seemed to love our first story on how to build a dog home, and ever since that story you’ve been wanting more! Well we hear you!

Roofers in Wigan

You also told us you want us to give you a step by step on now, how to make your house (well roof). So we will. We contacted a local Greater Manchester team within Wigan to ask all the details on what it is they do, and if someone at home wanted to do it, what steps would they have to do?


They didn’t want to give it all away, otherwise they would be out of a job (understandable), but they are willing to give a little bit of information which is better than nothing, right?

They firstly guided me to this YouTube video to give you all a quick overview of how they build roofs and even fix them in the Wigan and Atherton area.

That should give you an idea of the area etc.

This is what they said, and I quote “A perfect roof is always about good quality materials, perfect labour with no mistakes and math. You want a roof to last for years right? Well if you don’t build it right its never going to stand the test of time” Wise words from the manager himself.

Thanks again GM Roofing Services. We appreciate you taking the time to talk to us, and we hope we’ve given you some quality content from it!

So if you’re looking for the BEST Roofers Wigan has to offer, check out GM Roofing, they are the nicest bunch of people and will help you out.


I’ve noticed our post hasn’t been reaching a lot of people. We really are thankful GM Roofing, here is where they live:

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Making Kitchens safe for your dog

With your house, people only think about their child. Child-proof this, child-proof that; what about the dog?

Not to sorry, if you’re looking to get a new kitchen, you have a dog (or child and dog), we have you covered! We are here to provide you the top 5 ways you can make your kitchen into a dog-proof house. Your little friends can hurt themselves too, and I know you treat them like a real child, so why should this be different?

Making your Kitchen perfect in 5 steps.

Cheshire Kitchens

Step one:

Keep any kind of food out of reach! You will be surprised what foods are toxic to dogs. I learnt this the hard way…I left chewing gum on the side, long story short, 3 hours later and £200 later, it was out of my little pups system. This mite sound like an obvious thing to do, but a lot of people don’t understand the seriousness of this little thing, that could potentially SAVE your dogs life.

Step two:

Try to clean any liquid up after you! An ice cube for example, you may just leave it (I’ve done this before), and your dog may go running into the kitchen to great you, for food ect, and if they’re going at pace and slip, it can really hurt them. You don’t want to see your dog with a broken foot/paw, trust me it will break you. Knowing it was you that did it them him/her.

Step three:

This one leads in nicely with the previous step. If you have cupboards on level with your dog, if you leave them open and your dog runs into the kitchen, you can guess where this is going. There are many companies that if you’re getting a new kitchen whom can help you with this. Kitchens are very advanced now, even self closing draws. Cheshire Kitchens has you covered on this, and we can’t recommend them more! Kitchens, they will cover you no matter where you are in the UK, such as Cheshire, Kent, London or anywhere in England!

Once again Kitchens Kent, we are sticking with Kent and Cheshire as we live here and we know them well, and we want to stick with what we know; but from us to you, you can trust they will help out with your kitchens needs to benefit for your little friend.

Step four:

We are going to leave in on this one, and we will carry on next week! I know I know, very mean, but it gives you a reason to come back to our site :) Thank you for reading and see you next week!


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Build a home for your little friend!

A show of hands for any of you that love their their little furry friend? All of you of course. Well winter is coming, the temperature has dropped dramatically outside defiantly in England, UK, which in sight will cause the temperature inside to drop too; and if you’re at work and you don’t but the heating on, it may turn out to be far too cold for them.

Ether way, today I will be showing you how to make your own dog home, that is good for inside and outside! Even though they don’t know it’s from Christmas (that we know), it can be an adorable x-mas gift for them.

Making a home for your little friend

First things first, you CAN just buy a dog home for you, they will be a little bit more expensive, but you will save time. However, the problem with that, you can’t get a dog home you want, the design you have in your head right now! Think about it, you can go kitchen hunting, and you can only pick the displays the have; pretty dull, you can’t pick the colour, size, layout ect. I recommend  measuring the place in the home or outside you are choosing to have this dog home placed and try and get a good estimate of the size you are trying to get. This a must, make sure your dog has enough room to move! You wan’t to try and make the dog home about 4 times bigger than the dog; though they will like to move around some what, they like being enclosed, having solid walls around them, they feel a lot safer that way.

The Floor

Some dog home you can buy sometimes don’t come with a floor, especially outside homes, however, the way I see it, would you like to sleep on the hard floor? No. Using your measurements, buy a cut out size of good 2 inch think wood, that can with stand outside weather. Don’t worry, in the UK places like B&Q will have professionals that can help you with all of this. You wan’t it to be think so it one, is well insulated and two, so the dog won’t feel all the bumps ect from the floor. Another plus is it creates a perfectly flat base for the rest of your dog home.

Next, find a soft material the same size (but an inch away from every side of the base floor) so this can be glued to the wooden floor, for added comfort.

The Walls

The size of your walls all depends on the size and shape you want, myself personally I’m making it symmetrical, so cut 1 inch think wooden cuts the same size four times. Then glue the sides on top of the one 1 inch space you left on the floor.


Building a dog roof

The Roofing

Again, as the walls are symmetrical, you want the roof to be too. cut the same size two times. Hint: you want the roof to be over hanging, so you want the total length of both the roof parts together to be greater than the size of the floor as a whole, how much is up to you. Glue that in, wait, paint it up, then you’re done! Any other detail is your call. Have fun! And from us at Pharahhound, have a merry Christmas.


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Cheshire Dogs Home Review

Cheshire Roofing at the Dogs Home

Cheshire dogs home dedicate their time and money to saving lives! No matter how old or poorly, Cheshire dogs home try their hardest to give every dog a new chance at life. They vaccinate all dogs found or brought to them and microchip them to make sure they are always brought back to somewhere safe and warm if they ever find themselves in trouble again. The dogs home don’t give up and try their best to nurse any dogs back to health with anything they need to ensure they are ready to then be adopted by a loving family. They even attend schools to educate the next generation on how to care for dogs and how much responsibility a dog is. They will never put a healthy dog down!

Cheshire dogs home has been helping poorly and abandoned dogs since 1893. It was founded by a group of men who were extremely concerned about the amount of sick and stray dogs left on the streets. Their site has now grown to 11.5 acres which includes kennels for each dog, a special unit for pregnant and nursing bitches and special kennels for dogs that can’t adjust to typical kennel environment. More than 7000 dogs are cared for and re-homed each year by these selfless people.

The most sad but rewarding time for everyone at Cheshire dogs home is when their dogs are adopted to happy and loving families. The dogs at Cheshire dogs home are not broken, they are just looking for their dream to come true and for someone to fall in love with them and take them home. Most dogs that have been strays or neglected before going to the home are happy dogs who are so pleased to be loved and looked after and are just looking for a permanent place they know they will be loved for the rest of their lives.

Also, a special thank you to for making our dogs home dream possible! Without you, we couldn’t have had the little dogs homes and roofs made for them and they would have been cold during the winter, so a BIG thank you from our little friends.

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